Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Style Idol - Kate Hudson

This is my dream look - Kate Hudson...suntanned, long hair, gorgeous smile and body! I have always felt a connection with Kate for some reason. When I lived in Puerto Vallarta I ran across her family many times, and when she was filming The Skeleton Key here in New Orleans she lived right next to me in the French Quarter. When I lived in New York I always saw her and her parents on the street, and then just recently I spoke with her in Whole Foods. She even reprimanded her son when he got a little too sassy with me during our heated debate over the roof of the grocery store (is it metal over wood, or just wood- or just metal?! aghh a mystery wrapped in a riddle!)
I love her boho street style, and perfect for her body glamorous red carpet looks. I would love to emulate her look, but at 20 lbs overweight and no personal hair stylist to save my hair from this humidity every day, I tend to veer towards another famous blond: David Lee Roth... :( ugh - what famous person do you look like?

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Elizabeth said...

I am dying laughing at you posting the David Lee Roth pic! That is hilarious b/c in no way do you look more like David Lee Roth than Kate. Quite being so hard on yourself and send me some of that humidity over here! My skin NEEDS it!