Friday, June 4, 2010

Celebrity Home - Julianne Moore

I think that every weekend I will post a celebrity home so that we can dissect the interior spaces of the rich and famous, bash them with impunity, and feel better about ourselves... hahaha
Here is Julianne Moore's townhouse from The World of Interiors 2007. I know she has since sold it and the decor is probably five years old, but many things about it are classic. I love the gray walls in the comfy, relaxed living room. I also love the exposed beams and turquoise bar stools in the kitchen area, and the huge fireplace and marble tub in the bath are both to die for, if not a bit cold with all the white.
What do you think?


laura said...

I LOVE the artwork in the hallway! Is that Thomas Struth? i love his work, but I can't tell if that is him? ...I wonder, but love the space!
Laura Day

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Not sure who the artist is, Laura, but I love it too! But not as much as I love your house - I am practically stalking your living room!