Wednesday, June 16, 2010

California Boho Eclectic Mish Mash

I have to say that I love something about all styles of design. Since I may be moving to California next year, I am especially drawn lately to this relaxed, California bohemian chic look. It is typified in the rustic, bright homes of Sunrise Ruffalo and Amanda Peet, both featured in Domino. However, I feel like if I were to have a home like this it would be a lie. It says, I do yoga on a regular basis and only eat organic vegan and name my kid Luna Miel (Moon Honey in Spanish - hey, that's actually a pretty name....) I think it is perfectly acceptable to design this type of space for someone else and there are many elements there that can be brought into my own home, but I do think that your home should reflect who you are. .. what do you guys think?

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Thanks a mil!

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Guthrie Contemporary said...

I love the bright pink oushak!