Monday, June 14, 2010

I was shut down and other weekend things...

So I know you guys were anxious to see pics of the Southern Living Idea House and I was really anxious to show them to you, but Grace told me that Southern Living does not want any pics published until the magazine comes out. So I was shut down and don't want to get her in any trouble! Definitely pick up the mag though or head out to see it. E. Lee Jahnke Mead did a stunning guest bath (she is a painter) that looks like wallpaper, the master bath is a sparkly dream, and of course the art from Guthrie Contemporary and Amanda Talley is all gorgeous. As soon as the magazine is available I will post my own pics and we can discuss.

In other weekend news, I met two amazing girls this weekend. One is Francine Davis Ballard, the president of Designer Social. She is that cool girl that you are always jealous of, because aside from being gorgeous (which she is), with a wonderful husband and adorable daughter (which she has), she always has the newest and best bags and accessories. She has been involved with all your fave mags (Lucky, In Style, Jane, etc..) and started her website, Designer Social, about a year ago. She sells the most beautiful things and you can sell your own pieces on consignment with her as well. I got two beautiful necklaces and a Louis Vuitton shopper tote at an insane price - the blue Prada bowler above is offered in a contest on her website... get over there and sign up!

The other fabulous new friend I made is Melissa from Chic Coles. Melissa works with Francine but also has this amazing blog with her mom and sister. Her mother is an Interior Designer and Melissa just got her degree in business/marketing. She is so beautiful and stylish and their blog has been everywhere. It is definitely my new fave blog and I am stalking her like mad!

All in all, a very productive (and insanely hot) weekend in New Orleans... hope y'all had a good one!

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E. Lee said...

Thank you Elizabeth! I need to come to your shop and meet you sometime!