Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AD Spain and Habitually Chic

People always ask me what my favorite design magazines are - or if there are any magazines out there that offer something more exciting than Elle Decor and the other remaining American design mags. The answer is, absolutely! My favorite design magazine is Vogue Living Australia. Supposedly they were going to shut down last year but they keep putting out issues - I think only a few a year though.(Correction: six a year - see comments section) Living etc. and Elle Decor (both British) are great, and Architectural Digest Spain is wonderful. Canadian Home and Garden also has great homes occasionally. I have to make the pilgrimage to Barnes and Noble out on Veterans every couple of months to see which ones they have, and they are about $15 each, but you can look through them there and see which ones you want to buy. All pictures today are of Contemporain Studio, the design studio of Lázaro Rosa-Víolan. He is a famous Spanish designer who has done many hotels and restaurants. This is totally my dream studio/house!
For those of you who don't wish to search for these magazines, check out Habitually Chic, the blog by NY designer Heather Clawson. Heather is my absolute fave blogger of all time, and if you only read one thing every day it should be her blog! She will keep you up to date on everything happening in the world of design - she has been inspiring me for a long time now and I am so addicted to her posts, I feel like we are great friends. She has these photos and more of Lázaro's studio on her blog, so go check it out!
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clarkd said...

Hi Elizabeth, as an fyi, Vogue Living Australia is a title that is 43 years old. We come out 6 times per year, and we haven't closed. A version of Vogue Living was launched briefly in the U.S. but that was different to our title. Thanks for being a fan, David Clark (Editor in Chief, Vogue living Australia)

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

wow! this is why I love blogging - you can put a question out there and get an answer from a real expert! Thanks for writing, David! VLA has been my favorite mag for years!! E