Friday, June 18, 2010

Celebrity Home - Lenny Kravitz

Today's celebrity home is the creole cottage here in New Orleans belonging to Lenny Kravitz. Lenny founded a design firm, Kravitz Design, in New York in 2003 and decorated this French Quarter house during Jazz Fest in 2004. It is an explosion of animal skins, metallics, and dark, rich fabrics. Check out the clear piano in the corner!
One of Lenny's favorite vendors is Flavor Paper, a wallpaper company located here in the Bywater of New Orleans. They are amazing, and can do custom designs as well of any of their traditional patterns in any of their colors. I have been lucky enough to have a tour of their facility, and you can order samples off their website. He used their metallic wallpaper in almost every space in his home here, and loved it so much he had it installed in his Paris location for the video for "Dancin' Till Dawn". (that's the last pic)
What do you guys think of this rock and roll aesthetic? What about people from other creative careers starting design firms?
Have a great weekend!

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