Saturday, April 16, 2011

To paint or not to paint...

So here is one of the apartments that I am looking at buying. It has three separate rooms with exposed brick walls. I do like the color of the brick, since it is grayish and not too red, but I absolutely love white painted brick - especially with high ceilings (these are 14' high)...Tom Delavan's work inspires me...
What do you think? Would you paint these brick walls or leave them natural?

And if you haven's commented for the giveaway yet, you still have a week! I am shocked how few have signed up - a higher chance for those of you who have, I guess!
Have a great weekend!

Maybe Elizabeth Sullivan

Tom Delavan for sure


Tamra of walkswithBella said...

I rented an apartment with painted white brick and I always wished it was left exposed. But that could be bc I always wished I knew what the brick looked like underneath. The problem is once you paint, you can't go back. hard decision though.

Danika Herrick said...

We had exposed brick in a carriage house we lived in and I loved it because it was faded and soft looking. I just painted the floor to ceiling fireplace brick at our current housewhite because it was the grossest brick ever made...yellow.
You can always sandblast it back if you change your mind. Its your space, do what makes you happy. You are the one the has to live with it.
I was no help was I.

erika @ small shop said...

Tough call! I love how clean white brick is. I guess it depends on what other pieces of furniture you have in the room, i.e. if they are all darker pieces than lightening up the walls would be great. Or what about leaving the brick and lightening up the floor? My husband is obsessed with high gloss white epoxy floors. Could be cool.

Jamie L. said...

My vote is to paint it! I love how Tom Delavan painted it with a paint translucent enough to allow the texture and grout to come through.