Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost Perfect

I never say that a picture of a space is perfect for me, and this one is not quite, but it is the closest I have seen. I could very well live happily here. Put a bed in the top loft and change the extremely baroque gilded mirror for modern art or a simpler mirror, and I would stay happy for a long time...Love!


erika @ small shop said...

p.s. Justin commented this is definitely not in the U.S. -- we're not allowed to do something this cool here. Double boo!

The Cuban In My Coffee said...

I love this space! I also love everything in it, including the mirror if I may beg to differ. The only thing that I would have done is give it a fresh coat of white paint to take it a bit more to the modern side. Thanks for the picture.

Whitney (the cuban in my coffee)