Monday, April 11, 2011

Galley Kitchen Love

I have been toying with the idea of buying a small apartment here in New Orleans for a while. I just can't make a decision! It is a smart investment, even if I do move away. I will always be able to rent it out and keep a homebase here in Nola forever. I have several options in my price range that are already move-in ready, that I could live in immediately and just make cosmetic changes to suit my design style. They also have a proven track record of rentability. But there is one place that is super tiny (475 sq feet) that would have to be completely gutted and redone. It makes me so excited to think of completely designing a space from top to bottom, but at that size would it ever be functional for someone else to rent? Here are some tiny galley kitchens that are so beautiful to me, that would be the inspiration if I went for it. I don't cook, but you could create a five course dinner in these, if needed. What do you think? Go for the reno or a sure thing?


Jessie said...

I think that a cook can cook anywhere. By cook I mean a true cook. When my husband & I lived in our tiny townhouse with a galley kitchen I cooked many gourmet meals for 12, we had tables everywhere!
Don't let a galley kitchen sway you :) Plus who will be able to resist the space when they see how gorgeous you will have made it. Best wishes in your hunt!

Elizabeth said...

I say go for the sure things. Renovations can turn into nightmares!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Jessie, I don't cook at all and am currently content living in an apartment without a stove or oven! Elizabeth, I think a house reno would be too much but this is sooooo tiny and I have all the people and resources! Stay tuned...