Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Celebrity Home: Hilary Swank

Hi, all! I hope you had an amazing weekend and are gearing up for Thanksgiving. I have been so busy lately I barely have time to write these posts, much less go see all the movies that are out now that I have been to! hahaha (how gorgeous was the house in Twilight: Breaking Dawn? It was filmed here and several of the pieces were from my store!)
Speaking of movie stars, here is the home of Hilary Swank, featured in the latest Elle Decor. What do you think about it? I like the bedroom, but I honestly feel like the living room looks like a Crate and Barrel catalog. This apartment seems like a corporate rental. She says that there are very personal touches like the art and some African pieces she collected over time, but I honestly don't see it. It does not feel warm or lived in at all to me. This issue caps off a few months of disappointing spaces in Elle Decor - is it becoming the new Architectural Digest? Filled with impersonal spaces of celebrities? This condo is oddly reminiscent of Courtney Cox' house. What do you guys think?


Laura@happyroost said...

I like the bedroom and love the little niche with the loveseat surrounded by shelves, but I do agree with you. The living room and dining room seem lacking. They seem like a good start but need that extra layer of character. Instead of the mirror leaning against the wall in the dining room - why not use it as a way to show off something really unique? If you're a celebrity, you have the money to buy fancy artwork or even have something commissioned! :)


Lonely Wife Project said...

I don't see anything lived in about it. Extremely catalog-y. Stop being so busy and resume stalking me!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

snooze. Your commentary was my favorite part.

I'm all about HB and Veranda these days.

heather (love your space) said...

I'm with you: it doesn't look like a real person lives there. But to be honest, I was never completely sure that Hilary Swank WAS a real person!

Abigail's Place said...

I completely agree it doesn't seem to be that cosy.
It's lovely but not cosy enough for me but do love that little niche with the books and framed images.

Lovely blog, now following!

Abigail x

Erika [small shop] said...

You're so right it's so boring! Can't believe this even made it in the magazine. I'm with Naomi, HB has been good lately.