Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leather pant alternative

Hey all - I do not look good in leather pants, they make me sweat, and they are expensive as hell. Just got these "waxed effect" trousers from Zara and I adore them. They look like leather, you wash them in the washer, and they are super slimming. Possible downsides for you: they are slightly cropped and they ride up and/or stick to muscular calves. They also stretch at the waist so I am constantly tugging them up but they look so great I forgive that.
Get you some today! P.S. My shirt is not dirty - took these pics in an antiqued mirror...


Andrea Johnson said...

I have these pants in red and I love them. You're right, they are very slimming!


Boo Hazard said...

i love them! Today I'm wearing the "liquid leggings" or whatever they're called from american apparel - same idea but yours are cuter - mine are just leggings that look like plastic or something?! but they also have that stretching in the waist issue!

Kara said...

Cool pants!!