Monday, May 16, 2011

Paper Lanterns

Usually the first thing I do when I enter a new space is remove all ceiling fans. I just do not like the way they look. A lot of people cannot afford chandeliers in every room. A super modern, gorgeous alternative is a huge white paper lantern. The bigger the better. I have used it in my own projects (the last photo here) and will probably use them in every room of my next home. Is there a certain design item that you use over and over again?


2 by Design said...

White lacquer! A huge surprise, I know. Honestly though, it doesn't have to be big - a small white box here, a pencil holder there. Just something white and shiny makes me all kinds of happy. What doesn't make me happy, however? Ceiling fans. Stupid Arizona.

Anonymous said...

We have a ceiling fan in our master bedroom and even though it constantly makes me want to punch myself, we can't live without it. The breeze is essential to my comfort so I shut my eyes to it. Love paper lanterns or anything is a sphere shape!