Friday, May 20, 2011

What I have been doing with myself this week...

This past couple of weeks has been super busy. I made many visits to the fabric stores looking for a blue ikat fabric for my mom, who wants traditional but fresh drapes...

While there I saw this pinky marbelized fabric for only 16 bucks a yard - is it super cool or just weird?

Went over to a client's home for a final visit. We did a uber traditional space with her antiques and oriental rugs in a sky-high condo. It is so her and very soothing.

You know I have been feverishly working on a secret (which is ongoing) so I still need your prayers! When I couldn't take the stress anymore, I took Charlie to Audubon Park for long walks and we looked at the swans...I feel so lucky to have this amazing park to exercise in! I am also so grateful to Leslie for keeping Charlie so I can still see him!

I also wasted tons of time at work watching clips of Louis CK, the comedian. What is most hilarious is that I don't find him physically attractive, but am so attracted to the way he thinks that I am in love with him! Check out his hilarious comedy at . I sent him an email asking him out, but obvs I have gotten no response, not even a signed photo. Figures.

Have a fab weekend!


erika @ small shop said...

Is the one that was on Parks & Rec? I haven't seen his comedy act!

Yes I am dying to hear an update on the secret!

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if he was on there as I don't watch that show but he is so crazy hilarious. You can go to youtube or hulu and put his name in and pull up a million clips. I want to marry him!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a decent night's sleep since you told us you had a secret. I like to be kept informed ;)

Also, I like that marbelized fabric. Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

You know I don't keep secrets from you and I have been trying to buy a condo - what is so secretive and stressful is the process - will explain all in a month!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank God. I was worried you were having an affair with another blogger.