Thursday, May 26, 2011

One - piece wonders

Well, I have reached that age where I think one-piece swimsuits are more attractive on me. I need a little support up top and I like a swimsuit that looks like lingerie, as I will never be rough-housing in a pool, but more likely to be lounging at a spa or hopefully on a tropical vacation. However, if you are very active, I included a great Stella McCartney for Adidas suit here that is gorgeous for those lap swimmers. These are all available through Pret-a-Porter. What do you think? Hope you are having an amazing summer!


Wish it came in black - Melissa Odabash

Crazy Sexy snake print - Melissa Odabash

Adidas/Stella McCartney athletic suit

With a gorgeous S&M detail - I dig it

Zimmermann always does it right - my fave color!


Anonymous said...

Zimmermann is always right!

designchic said...

I was talking with some ladies earlier today about all the great one pieces out there this year. I'll be in maternity suits all 100 degree summer, but I have a feeling that one pieces are in my near future when I'm chasing a toddler around the beach! Great line up! xo Kristy

erika @ small shop said...

With you on that one. I'm all about a one-piece and I think it's actually sexier because we feel more confident in them!

I'd totally wear the snake skin print (Duh).

Jamie L. said...

I totally dig the snake print! Although I am still hanging on to the bikinis. I had these same thoughts last summer. I bought a one piece and tried sporting it at the pool. My husband hated it. I just hope I am not the middle age mom who just really needs a good friend to tell her it's time for a new look.