Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mess Gala

I thought most of the peeps at the Met Gala were a hot mess - especially Beyonce. This was my favorite dress - it looks so comfortable and I have a dress in the same color - it looks great on tan blonds...her legs look a million miles long with the nude strappy sandals.
Oh, by the way it is Brooklyn Decker. I cut off her head because from the neck up she looked like a soccer mom and it depressed me.
Happy Hump Day :)


Tamra of walkswithBella said...

That dress was daring and daring and brave because it was the opposite of the other dresses. Bright, and bold, yes, but simple solid color with classic modern shape. nicely done Brooklyn.

The Cuban In My Coffee said...

That's funny. The dress is stunning...especially on her. Missing head though. I LOVE THE MILE LONG LEGS. Summer in Florida is here (and pretty much never leaves) so great way to remind me.


XOXO, Whitney (the cuban in my coffee

Anonymous said...