Thursday, June 27, 2013

you know what my problem is???

Don't answer that. I know I have many problems. My main one at this time is that every time I see something I like, I want to build a whole room around it. Smack in the midst of my bedroom design conundrum I saw this screen for sale:

I know.. it doesn't really "go" with the cottage. But since I have to have a rolling rack of clothes in my bedroom it might be nice to have a screen to hide it. It makes me think of doing something of a mix between these two rooms:

With the screen, a steel poster bed, white bedside tables and my stacked lucite lamps:

I am trying to sell the lamps, so if I do I would just use funky sconces over the is a board with the pieces in the room:

Am I out of control or what?? hahahaha


Heather Peterson said...

I often find myself thinking, while out shopping for clients, "if only I was starting from scratch--I would LOVE to build a room around THAT."

So we have the same problem, my friend.

And that screen is gorge.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the exciting news happening for you now!! There's nothing more fulfilling than designing and creating a new space to live in. Love your ideas so far. That die for.