Friday, June 14, 2013

next joint

Well I may have nailed down this cottage as my next home in San Diego:

It is hilarious because I was equally interested in this loft - and it is definitely more my personal style:

But it has no heat, A/C, or parking and is $200 more a month. The cottage is also only 3 miles from my bestie's house. So the cottage wins! I love being a renter because you can experience different types of architecture and decorate in a different way every time you move. I have found that my style lately is really paring down - all greige and solid and organic but clean. You know my dream space is Kelly Klein's living room:

So I have to figure out how to evoke this mood but on a MUCH smaller scale. At least the cottage is all white on the inside. I can't wait to go through it with you guys step by step to create my new dream space in my new city. I should know in the next day or two if the cottage is it - will def keep you posted.
Happy weekend!


Heather Peterson said...

Oh my, love those blue window mullions.

Elizabeth said...

The cottage "speaks" to me. ;) get here already!

Tracy said...

How exciting! I would do mid century. the cottage looks awesome.