Thursday, June 20, 2013

cottage bedroom

okee dokee - the easiest room first - the cottage bedroom. I bought a four poster bed from a friend of mine that I love desperately, but unfortunately the ceiling in the bedroom comes down to 78" in half the room, so I cannot have a four poster.

Then, I thought about doing mostly black and white in the cottage, so I was going to go with this Ethan Allen bed I have always liked and an antique mirror pendant:

I do still love this bed, but I think it needs to be in a room by itself. Unfortunately I am going to have to cram a rolling rack of clothes and maybe the curved portion of my sectional in this room, so I need to go more simple, sticking with natural wood and ivory.

Here is what I am left with:

The acorn mid century bed and nightstand from West Elm, with a natural ivory cowhide and antler chandelier. I think this combo is true to all of my other furniture, and is clean and simple but funky. I wish I didn't have to have the clothes rack in there and I might have to have my curving sectional piece at the end of the bed! We will see when we get there what the possibilities are for that.

But in general this mid century look is more me and goes with the cottage and my other things...any thoughts?

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Tracy said...

What a great place. I am still digging the spare mid century idea. I have a feeling you will probably change things up a lot once you are actually living in the space and it will all fall into place. I recommend just bringing what you LOVE and then fill in once you are there.