Tuesday, June 18, 2013

san diego cottage interiors

Here are pics of the cottage in San Diego. We will start going over the plans for each room tomorrow... this is gonna be fun!

Adorable shingles and blue trim exterior
Front Room - will be dining/design studio or tv room
Kitchen is right there so will do my best to minimize it
Small closet in bedroom - ceiling lower - heater being installed
Small room with sloping ceiling - will be tv room or design studio or closet
Patio, covered carport, and laundry out back - needs a hammock :)
Gorgeous garden path and surroundings
So gang, what do you think? We can definitely work with this, right? I am getting really specific measurements from my bestie soon, so we can make decisions about that smaller room. I cannot decide if it should be cozy tv room, design studio/office, or big closet. I would really like it to be the tv room but I don't know if my sectional will fit in there. So we will plan/dream for all three until we decide!


Heather Peterson said...

SO cute. I have to say, there's something about a blank slate...

I just pulled up the rug in the living room to try out a new one that just arrived, and found myself thinking about the house when it was bare, 3 years ago. Oh the possibilities!


Anonymous said...

It's fab! What a nice clean slate! Can't wait to see what you do with it! And, yes, that cute backyard is screaming for a fabby hammock!