Wednesday, August 15, 2012

life of pi

I read Life of Pi when it came out and now I am so excited to see the movie....such an uplifting story that makes you think about your life (so does Whale Watcher if you want a tearjerker of a movie!). My favorite part of the trailer below is when the whale jumps out of the phosphorescent water. When I first moved to Mexico when I was 19, a boy took me scuba diving at night when the water was phosphorescent just like this. I could write my name in the water like you do with sparklers! It was one of the most magical experiences of my life and I will never forget it. If you get a chance to read this book before you see the movie, do it! It is truly wonderful...


Erika [small shop] said...

I haven't read the book! I am so behind.

Anonymous said...

I was so friggin excited when I first saw this trailer! Love this book! (Read one of his, not so much) I hope the movie does the book justice. It seems like such a hard book to put to film, but the trailer looks good so I'm optimistic!


Katherine@Antweak said...

Can't wait!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I haven't heard of it I'm so behind!