Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have never been one for collecting. I sell stuff, move so often, and get tired of things so quickly that a collection could never grow! But I don't get tired of beautiful art. One of my best friends gave me this butterfly specimen and I am so in love with it - I think it makes for unusual, natural art in a home that already has paintings or photographs.

You can't tell from my fancy phone pics, but the blue of the butterflies really glows. I decided to snap up a few more...

And a collection was born! I am going to amass even more over the next couple of months, paint all the frames the same black, and hang them in a grid over the bed...what do you think?  Do you collect anything?


heather (love your space) said...

love the impact of a collection. I am not a collector by nature--mostly just not that focused, so while I collect a lot of stuff, there are few themes. I have been gifted three separate sets of white lotus bowls (in three sizes!), and I seem to be building a collection of embroidered textiles and, if I had my way, bamboo plant stands.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! And I love natural curiosities in the home. Those big blue ones are blue morphos. I saw them in Central America and used to raise them when I worked for the San Diego Zoo. They are stunning!