Wednesday, July 25, 2012

obsessed with: west elm

West Elm is killing it these days. I wasn't too thrilled when they jumped on the Beni Ourain bandwagon and started carrying vintage finds, because I think we look to West Elm for inexpensive looks inspired by high design, not expensive high end stuff itself. But they are making great things at the same time..

The new grasscloth covering on desks, mirrors, etc.. is a fabulous texture to add into any space...

I don't know how sturdy/nicely scaled this sofa is in real life, but a single bench seat sofa is a great modern, classic piece. At $1600 bucks, I think it is a great value if the quality is there.

West Elm currently has a couple of tables with marble tops. These will stay modern looking for years...

They have a ton of awesome lighting right now, but you can't beat the sculptural quality of the Kudu lamp:

There are too many great accessories, bedding, and tabletop items to go through, but as you can see from my choices, I think the key when shopping at online retailers or discount stores like Marshall's is to keep it simple. The more clean and basic the shape and color, the more expensive and classic the item will look for years to come. Happy shopping!

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Lonely Wife Project said...

Whenever I need a basic piece, West Elm delivers. I love their jute rugs too!