Friday, June 22, 2012

two things

Loving this simple tub with huge mirror - I saw this large carved mirror yesterday and it is only $500 bucks. Someone should whitewash it and do this now.

Also, my wicker table finally came in and it is waaaay too orange for my rug and apartment colors. Should I paint it black? Happy Friday, friends...


Katherine @ Antweak said...

i've seen that same mirror (at that place behind Delk?) and thought the same thing!

It's hard to tell the color of the table in the photo...doesn't look to orange, but I def. think it could look wicked cool black! love it!

Anonymous said...

That bathroom is my dream!!!! Looks so relaxing! xo

Anonymous said...

oh and would look really cool for that table!! Love the rug!

Lonely Wife Project said...

Paint it black! And someone please buy that mirror.

Boo Hazard said...

ha! I totally have eyed that mirror before too! At Discoveries right!? It's a great price. I agree with Kat - it doesn't look too orange at least in the photo?? black would be awesome though. love the diamond pattern!