Thursday, June 21, 2012

production problems

Just got my new Elle Decor in the mail and tore into it right away. I was super excited to see the beach houses of two people I am obsessed with - Ralph Pucci and Athena Calderone...however, there were several production problems with this issue that really bothered me. There were pages missing (58-74!) and out of place, many blurry photos, and most of all I hate it when the article mentions a special room or piece and then they don't show a photo of it. In Ralph Pucci's house they only showed the clean, minimalist (read ho-hum) outside and living room. They spoke of a gorgeous dark wall in the bedroom with an overlay and then didn't show the master bedroom at all.

Sandra Lee's house is one of the most boring I have ever seen, with super low ceilings - the way they photographed it made it look like a dollhouse with oversized furniture. And her portrait with her COCKATOO on the cover makes me very sad. Why not a photo of her family?

Maybe mine was one of a bad batch...hope yours is better.

P.S. Still love Athena Calderone.
P.P.S - Got an email from the publication's marketing dept today - they are sending me another copy. They are really on the ball over there to have spotted this tiny blog complaint and they took care of it immediately. Kudos to Elle Decor!


Clementine & Olive said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I see that happen in various magazines. Like the new Domino mag that came out, I was really disappointed because it seemed like (well mine at least) the cover was a distorted photo. It wasn't bad but you could tell it wasn't crisp.

You expect more right?

Lonely Wife Project said...

Seriously that's BS. Also, pet birds make me really depressed.