Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Spaces

IF I get the place that I have already picked out here in New Orleans this summer - meaning IF I qualify for that amount of a loan, and IF it is still on the market, and IF my offer is accepted and I buy my first place, then THIS place is seriously inspiring me. I will paint the entire inside, even the floors, white. I know that's a lot of IFs. Gotta love daydreams.


Boo Hazard said...

LUVS it!! I need more details on this dream home lady! :) - BOO

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Hope you achieve it!! Looking forward to seeing the design play out in your new space!
All the best,

Lonely Wife Project said...

This is SO you!

Erika [small shop] said...

What a second, you need to email me who's house this is. It's a perfect mix of my style and my husband's architectural style!