Monday, February 13, 2012

Designer i love: Laurie Smith

Laurie Hickson Smith used to be on Trading Spaces - if you remember that show. I thought everything they did was crazy and hideous, except for her designs. She married a guy from my hometown and moved back with him to Jackson, Mississippi. She detailed the complete renovation of her mid-century home in her book, Discovering Home, which is one of the only transitional books I often thumb through. She encouraged me to go to New York and pursue my design dreams in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina and I have loved her ever since!

Her style is a little more traditional than I usually go for, but the reno of her home was impeccable and she has an amazing eye for contemporary art. I can't find a pic of it online, but I recommend the book just on her son's bedroom alone. She took a crewel work fabric of animals and had an artist paint it on the walls. Gorgeous!



Lonely Wife Project said...

Oh yeah I remember that show! I used to think Genevieve was sooo cute.

Erika [small shop] said...

I love that you introduce me to new designers bc I know I'll love them!

H.G. The Countess said...

I always wonder what ever happened to Laurie?! Is she still designing?


Laurie was totally my fav.....I have her book and still think her home is gorgeous.