Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Apartment Grows an Inch!

Yesterday I received my new sofa and side tables - it is so good to get my lamps off the floor. Even though there is so much farther to go with this apartment, these three items make a HUGE impact. The living room seems so cozy now and I love coming come to hang out on the sofa, instead of a chair. Still have window treatments, coffee table, floor lamp, side chair and pillow, art and stone top and lucite handles for the ent. center. Then the living room will be complete and it will be time to focus on the bedroom. So far I really love the beachy palette and it is clear that mid-century modern to modern with lots of vintage pieces and tons of color is really going to be my design style moving forward. That is what I am always drawn to.
Hopefully this week I will get my wingchair back from the upholsterer - will post it when I do.
Also just dropped off my first painting at Guthrie Contemporary. Look for my section called "Original Art" on my website. I am going to continue with the paintings and the inkblots through Leslie's gallery!
Talk soon...


Elizabeth said...

I'm in love with your living room. It's so sophisticated yet so cozy! Love it!

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Thanks so much - it is always fun to envision new rooms - just wish I had the moolah to make it happen faster! haha