Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living for May

You all know I am in school getting my M.A. in week is this semester's finals and then I have the whole month of May off! My bestie is coming to town for a week - I wish I had a zebra piñata to celebrate with - but it's so pretty I would never hit it with a stick...
Today I am inspired by the clean, modern neutrals with a touch of glamour in the shots above. I love everything about Laura Day's living room, and Ellen Pompeo's kitchen is gorgeous! I don't cook, so I don't need a large space. I love the huge train station photograph contrasted with the tiles. And the vintage Paul Evans style chevron cabinet in Laura's living room makes me drool. The chandelier is Venini and you can find similar polyhedral chandeliers on 1st Dibs if you have a spare dozen grand to burn! I know everyone gets their black and white stripe dhurries from Madeline Weinrib or Ikea, but check out the new zig zag ones that Nate Berkus has done for HSN... great price, too!
Well, I'm off to write papers en Español!

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Guthrie Contemporary said...

Hey she has my appliances an no me. I need to let this kitchen inspire mine....hmmmmmm. I love this blog.