Friday, April 16, 2010

Handles and Pulls and Knobs, Oh My!

Today I am thinking of dressing up all the inexpensive furniture in my apartment. I have a Torsby cabinet from Ikea - I love the white lacquer on it, and that's the only thing I like. It was only $300, so I think to dress it up I should put some really cool handles and also a thin slice of marble or other stone top.
I also found this gorgeous burl wood tall chest on Ebay. It was only $295! I absolutely loooove the burl wood veneer and the height of the piece will make it an excellent jewelry, accessory and lingerie chest. I will post later on options for the inside of it. Today, I need to find handles that will dress up the outside.
There are so many amazing options for whatever interior you are decorating. There are rope and antler knobs for cool rustic interiors; there are crystal and glass knobs for fancier jobs, and of course there are millions of knobs out there for children's furniture. Here are some of my favorite websites for interesting knobs and pulls. It is such an great way to add detail to a room. It will really make your space look finished and add value to the piece of furniture.

I finally decided that the perfect pulls for this piece are the lucite ones from The Paris Apartment. The look I am going for with the chest is French Modern Deco, clean and contemporary. I want the burl wood to draw the attention, not the knob. Will post pics when I have them put on - I would love to see your knobs, too! (get your mind out of the gutter! ;)


Leslie said...

I love this cabinet. Was fun to share in the bidding moment! You make the best finds.

Elizabeth Sullivan said...

Thanks, girl - it is always fun to count down an auction with you! xoxo