Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I have been up to

Hi, guys - it has been a crazy work week. Things are going great at the new job and so much else is going on...

These awesome Nate Berkus pillows landed in my house. They are so textural and boho - and only $30!

I have been cooking like crazy! I am 37 this year and that is the age at which Julia Child started cooking...I keep telling myself that in hopes I will be a good cook! I have made pork chops with mushroom sauce and dirty rice, sausage and green chile quiche, and shortrib cassoulet. This week I am going to do pesto burgers and fries. I just need to take prettier pictures of my results!

My client and friend got the Mouille knockoff that I have been wanting, but in white. It looks amazing over her dining table - excuse the dark photo! I recommend this light to everyone I know. It absolutely works EVERYWHERE!

Finally, I painted my bathroom in anticipation of the Susan Dory painting I got for Christmas! My bestie Leslie, who owns an art gallery, gave me this amazing painting by Susan, and Susan agreed to gift it to me. It looks like poured melted candy - photos do not do it justice! I will post before and after pics of the bathroom when I get the painting hung... it is the one on the right in this pic.

Hope you are having as great a week as I am! Talk soon...


Lindsay Kim said...

I love that knock-off light! Looks so good.

Heather Peterson said...

Love those PILLOWS! And of course the light and the painting, but the pillows look way more expensive than they are. Also of course love hearing from you. Glad all is well.