Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bold is beautiful

I am in a holding pattern regarding my bedroom. Finishing this room will allow me to photograph my cottage and post it or hopefully get it published. What's holding me back is fear - I want to put a crazy falling cubes pattern on the bed. I know I will hate it in a year and have to recover, but for the sake of doing something interesting and different, I just have to.

Classic is wonderful, but not if you want the room to be wow, to get noticed. Classic is for my family and clients, something they can live with for years because they will not change things up every year like I do. Bold is best for me.

When I get scared of bold, I look at some of my favorite unforgettable spaces. These people went for the gusto and I love it! And of course they were published and talked about.

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Ela said...

Beautiful decorations