Tuesday, January 22, 2013


When I am bored, I work on inspiration boards. I am terrible at it. Some people can add in backgrounds and fancy wallpapers and moldings and stuff, but I can't. But even if I am terrible at it, it totally helps me see the things I already have with "maybe" items, so I can kind of tell before I buy something if it will go or not.

Here are the boards I have been working on lately for my living room and bedroom. I have 80% of everything that is in these boards already. Just used the boards to decide on a rug for the living room and bedside tables for the bedroom...it was really helpful!

What are you up to when you are bored at work or whenever?


Elyse | Peonies and Brass said...

oh my goodness, you own that bedroom rug?? Gorgeous!!

Elizabeth said...

I do, Elyse! I tried to sell it last year but no takers so I am back to using it...mine is actually a little different but same colors and patterns...

Heather Peterson said...

I feel like I use boards for everything now. Yours are so pretty! (But I can't do all the bells and whistles, either.)


Anonymous said...

That headdress is the SHIT. How do you prop it up?
Rooms look gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, girl - you get a wig or hat stand - there are acrylic ones that basically disappear!