Thursday, January 24, 2013


I never really talk about makeup or skincare on here - this is a design blog first and foremost (sometimes I talk clothes)...but we all have one thing we probably get compliments on more than any other in our lives. For me, it is my skin.

Thankfully, I have never had troublesome skin issues, even when I was a teen. I almost never lie out in the sun, but when I do I wear a 30spf. Clear, clean, soft skin is the biggest turn on for me and I love moisturizing and taking care of mine. For years I have splurged once a year on Creme de Mer moisturizer and I get small sample sizes of the Creme de Mer eye cream on Ebay. But I have found something even better and a fraction of the cost. This will change your life, people:

Josie Maran's Argan Oil. I know, I too did not want to rub an oil into my face. I thought it would be greasy and clog my pores and cause breakouts. It does not. It miraculously sinks in and softens and makes you feel radiant and gorgeous and you only need four or five drops. You can get it online on Amazon or at Sephora. I am not kidding - I do not get paid to say this nor have I received any for free - but Josie, you can send me a whole box! Get some today. You will not regret it.


Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

So, I trust your judgement anyways but, considering you never talk about beauty products as you mentioned, I went straight to eBay and bought a sample to try out! By the way, loved hearing about this and, as you get such compliments on your skin anyways, would always love to hear what you use!

xx said...

I'm obsessed with any and all skincare products and I'm always looking for new ones.
Are you on instagram?

Elizabeth said...

Pinterest takes up my whole dang day! Don't know if I could handle instagram!

Kecia@CoutureZoo said...

Just got it in the mail! Tried it and love it already! My skin is so soft right away! Thanks for the rec!


designstiles said...

I bought this and am still sort of scared to use it on my face thinking it will clog my pores. I have super sensitive skin and am always leery of new products. I have used a bit for my hair though. I bought it for my skin so I guess now's the time to finally use it.

Elizabeth said...

I was scared too! But when you think about it, the heavy creams and lotions clog up your pores. Just put four drops in your palm and then use your finger to put it will be shocked how soft it is and it absorbs; not oily at all!