Friday, October 12, 2012


Some of you have asked if I am on Pinterest...I was BARELY on there for the past few months - it takes a long time to upload pics and I got off of Facebook as it was a time drain...but then I just spent the whole day today uploading awesome rooms that really inspire me. So now I am a Pinterest freak - hope you will join me! 
Come follow me and let me know how to find you on there as well....happy pinning!


Olya said...

Yay! Just started following you (I'm Friday, you know, I'm privacy freak)... anyway, when it comes to PInterest, I don't even have to upload anything anymore - just repin sometimes from the people I'm following. It's great.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about pinterest, is you should install the pin button on your browser, and then when you see some cool products or images online, you can pin them to diff folders - fashion, interior, garden, etc. It is very addictive though, so be warned!

Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad you posted this as I love following my fave bloggers and wasn't following you yet!


Elizabeth said...

yay! I am gonna follow you guys back...