Monday, October 8, 2012

leather and lace

I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress. I have several black dresses sitting in my closet already. I have no events coming up.
Those are my reasons for not needing this Zara dress. But it is absolutely gorgeous. That is my reason for wanting it soooooo bad.


Studio One Design said...

You can spin this - you can twist this - you can come to within an inch of your life trying to rationalize this matter. Ultimately, you will be faced with the following bold-faced reality: considering the number of dresses in the fashion world which are available for purchase and then overlaying that statistic with reality of how many of those dresses you actually WANT to purchase - you are realistically obligated to purchase ANY dress which you absolutely, positively, drop-dead LOVE and soooo want to buy.

'Must-own' items should never be purchased on the basis or premise of matching them to social events - they must be purchased for their beauty and then taken with you (in the form of hanging on your body rather than the hanger) - as a date - one which accompanies you and cherishes the fact that they are having an outing in which to shine and make you you shine. This is what our cherished friends do.

So you see, you now have an obligation to bring this friend home with you - and introduce her to the other friends in your closet. It would be very helpful if you were to give her a lovely name. I think she looks like an 'Elizabeth'...

Rebecca June said...

I realized long ago that I purchase for the life that I think I should have. This is a life filled with cocktail parties and events that require heels. I run around in flats and tees most of the time...decked out with jewelry though. Anyways, sometimes clothing is an extension of our design life. Being in the field you can appreciate a dress that is well crafted and is aesthetically gorgeous. Maybe you just want it in your closet to look at and enjoy...just like a pretty box on your nightstand.


Rebecca June

Elizabeth said...

You are both totally right. I have several dresses that I have never worn in my closet and I am a bit of a hermit - but I love to look at them every time I open the door - they just make me happy!

LWP said...

Now I want to go get this dress.