Wednesday, September 12, 2012

obsessed with coats

I have a million coats and jackets, my friends. I also live in a city that has the climate of a swamp for ten months of the year and only a mild bite (never below 30's-40's) for the other two. We have a better chance of being flooded out each year than of receiving snow. A MUCH better chance. So why do I keep collecting coats like I am a snow bunny?
Here are my obsessions this season. All from Zara.


Chelsea Sallee said...

I love coats and jacket, guess it's a good thing I live in SF! I have to say, that bottom coat has my heart:)
xo, Chelsea

Lonely Wife Project said...

I have the same issue: An obsession with coats, but 364 days of sunshine a year. People in San Diego make fun of me for wearing heavy outwear.