Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birmingham Fam progress

So while I have been stuck in Birmingham (still no power in New Orleans today), I have been working on my sister's house. We ordered a credenza for the front entry -

We will do a bright lamp and convex mirror over it

And we went shopping for a coffee table for the living room. While out we found these adorable charcoal stools, as well.

Powder room with trellis wallpaper

Antique armoire needs to be rehabbed - love these stools!

Flowers always make the room feel good

Still need TV and window treatments

So we still need lots in this room - window treatments, a TV, small side table in between chairs and another side table and lamp by sofa, and I am painting a canvas for over the sofa - but I am so pleased with how it is coming out! It is so hard for my sis and her fam to see the big picture, and it is easy to get depressed or frustrated with empty walls, etc. but now they can see a direction and can get excited.

Of course I am most anxious about the dining room and breakfast nook but those are still months away since custom window treatments are costly...I am praying for this project to get published since I have worked on every detail from the moment of ground breaking - will keep you posted all along the way!

Meanwhile, I am flying home tomorrow afternoon - I have decided that this is the last hurricane season that I can endure. I cannot evacuate like this every year. Thank goodness I decided that I want to move next year. I hope I have power when I get home! Happy Labor Day weekend to the rest of the country!


Olya said...

Thank you for sharing these. I love the color palette! It all is coming together so nicely! Love the coffee table, too - it looks like one from Restoration Hardware, but the wood is much smoother - do you mind sharing where it's from?

Hope you have power when you get back home. But the big question is - where have you decided you'll be moving to???

LWP said...

It's looking gorgeous! I'm keeping my fingers crossed your move will be to SD!