Wednesday, September 5, 2012


My nephew Jack had almost all of his stuff already. Unlike Lily's room, where every single item except the bed and chest were new, we didn't have new things to work with for Jack. We wanted his room to look classic and clean, so we strung his sports pendants on a string and hung them all across the window wall. I also got his amazing rope chandelier from West Elm, I think. It is my favorite thing in the room. His twin beds are antiques and the black out shade is Pottery Barn. The best part of his suite is the charcoal grout in his bathroom! He is a sports nut and he loves his room; it makes me so happy that he is comfortable in there.



LWP said...

Your niece and nephew are lucky mofos!

Sarah Roads said...

Turned out great...and I LOVE that bathroom!