Wednesday, May 16, 2012

leather pants goodness

I like to shop. Alot. The reason I can shop in such great quantity is because I don't spend a whole heck of a lot on individual pieces. I love Loubies but I certainly don't have any. I love Celine and Hermes and Vuitton and of course mid range price points like DVF and Tibi but I don't own much of it, unless it was found on Ebay or deep discount. This may sound funny to some fashionistas, but I have almost never spent more than $250 on a dress. I usually buy my labels at the end of the season when they are on sale, and most of my favorite stuff is Zara.

These leather pants by Malene Birger are going to be the end of me. They are going to sell out before they go on sale and I am desperate for them. The almost $900 price tag is making me sick to my stomach, but if they look good I know I will wear them almost daily. I might have to get these instead of recovering my sofa...ugh.

Is there anything out there tempting you to the point of illness?


Lonely Wife Project said...

Ummm my Chloe handbag tempted me until finally I took my hard earned bonus money and just bought it! Like you, I usually go for the discounts.

Katherine @ Antweak said...

i'd be pouring my body into those hot ass leather pants and sit on my non-recovered couch gladly.
here's your pop quiz:
1. who and how many people will see you looking hot in those pants?
2. who and how many peeps will see you in non-hot, non-leather pants sitting on your re-upped couch?

just don't call me to be your wing-woman when you wear them out. I do have a self-respecting limit when it comes to picking up men's tongues and wiping their drool.