Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kitchen Roundup

For some reason in the last few days of the year I am drawn to posts about my faves ever. The other day was fave wallpapers, now here are some of my fave kitchens  ever. I love so many different styles of kitchen, I actually don't know what mine would turn out like if I were able to design it from scratch! But I am always drawn to open shelves, interesting materials, and the color gray... and my dream would be to have a glass front fridge! Here are some of my top picks - what is your favorite thing in a kitchen?

Love the color of this tile and cabinetry

Open shelves - Nate Berkus

Black done right

This white stove is bangin'

My fave wallpaper and white oak? Yes,please. Jeffrey Alan Marks

Rustic and cozy - Kristen Buckingham

Most blogged about ever for a reason - gorgeous!


Erika [small shop] said...

Ooh I haven't seen these (except the last which I heart too)! I would loooove to see what amazement you would create in a kitchen!

Lonely Wife Project said...

What I would do for a good kitchen...

Jamie L. said...

My fav is the one by Kristen Buckingham. I love the old and new. So gorgeous!