Tuesday, December 27, 2011

fave wallpapers ever

So this is still a design blog, believe it or not! hahahah One of the biggest reasons that I would like to buy my own place next year is so that I can do whatever I want to the walls without repercussions. Wallpaper, baby!
My fave wallpaper of all time is the koi paper in silver by De Gournay. Hand-painted on silver leaf, so what's not to love?

In Jeffrey Alan Marks' kitchen

Close up

In Sara Story's office
My second fave is this zebra running across silver leaf. It does not have arrows and the zebras are huge, so I don't think it is the classic zebra paper by Scalamandre, but if anyone knows who it is, please help a sista out...

My fave bedroom wall by Oitoemponto

I know silver leaf papers are extremely expensive so my cheaper choice has always been the Asuka paper by Osborne and Little. But I am not truly a floral girl, and it has been used a lot...

Here are a couple of other metallic wallpapers that look great showcased in smaller spaces, like guest baths.

And don't forget Flavor Paper (which used to be here in New Orleans, but is now in Brooklyn) makes tons of metallic papers! Which is your favorite wallpaper of all time?


Erika [small shop] said...

I am such a chicken when it comes to wallpaper but think it can be so gorgeous and add so much to a space. My fear? That I'd get over it. A lot of $ and work to redo. It would definitely have to be a classic wouldn't it? These ate great examples! And the silver is punchy without being too much.

heather (love your space) said...

My grandmother had a totally over-the top monkey wallpaper in panels in her dining room when I was little (with a sea of kelly green carpeting!) and Schumacher recently re-released it. I wish I could use it somewhere!

I'm out of budget these days, but next projects on the list are ALL wallpaper!


Lonely Wife Project said...

I can't commit to wallpaper. As much as I love the look, it also scares the hell out of me. But if I were to wallpaper something it would definitely be metallic!

Charlotte (Collect 5) said...

The koi wallpaper is awesome! Such a statement yet subtle at the same time. Your blog is great!