Thursday, October 20, 2011

NOLA rolodex

Hey guys - I know I have blogged about Shaun Smith Home a million and one times - but it is one of my fave shops in New Orleans. Maybe because Betsy works there, or because Shaun is from Mississippi like me, or because I always find the coolest treasures there! Just went down to visit during lunch yesterday and I picked up these two brass garden stools/tables/drums/planters for a steal. I love brass!!!!!! Anyhoo - sorry for the crappy pics but I took them with my phone. The stools are at the end of my bed now but are super light and can go anywhere.
If you are in the New Orleans area get over to Shaun Smith today (3947 Magazine Street) and get something cool. Like the plaster horse head or a piece of rock crystal or the hand crafted reclaimed wood dining table or the skull on a stand or the amazing black and silver silk ikat pillows.....agh!! I'm going back!


Boo Hazard said...

LOVE the stools!! You are going to love them! You're making me feel guilty for not buying them myself ;) but i already have 2 white garden stools... but can one ever have too many garden stools?! They would be a fun alternative to a coffee table too... enjoy them! - BOO (and thanks for the shout out!!)

Lonely Wife Project said...

You're always tempting me with amazing stuff! If I was in Nola, I would buy the shit out of those stools! Miss you too Lizbear :)

Jamie L. said...

love your stools. I saw that horse head the other day and loved it too. Did you see the horse lamps in the very back of the store?

Erika [small shop] said...

Whatever you love, you KNOW I'm gonna love too, especially brass!

Did I ever send you the chairs that are sitting at the thrift store where i got the brass etagere? 4 chairs for $60 total. I so don't need them, but they are pretty cool. I'll email you and get your opinion.