Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ceiling Stripes!

Well I am back from San Diego and the nursery looks great! I wanted to post on stripes because it has been a very popular nursery theme lately and looks amazing on walls and ceilings. It is actually quite simple to do stripes, if you don't have any unusual circumstances or texture on the surface, as we did. A couple of tips: DO NOT use a super strong painter's tape, such as Lock Tite. It will pull up your original paint, especially if there is lots of humidity in the area. Also, do not skip the step where you paint over the entire taped off area with your original color. This seals the sides of the tape and prevents bleeding for a super perfect line.

So, mark and draw off your lines. A chalk string is so perfect for this and will save you loads of time. You have to have two people for this - see my fabulous co-worker Rebecca in these shots...Then tape off all your stripes and the surrounding walls to protect them. Then paint over the entire area with the original wall color that is underneath.

Then paint your stripes! If the undercolor is white you may only need one coat, but if you do two, make sure you let the first coat dry well first.

Your stripes are done! Let them dry a bit before pulling off the tape and remember that the tape has wet paint on it! Don't just let it fall on your floor - drop it onto the plastic protective sheeting.

Finished stripes look perfect! I will have a new post with pics of the nursery, including the ceiling, which looks like a beach cabana to me and makes us so happy! I have been obsessed with stripes for over a year now but I think my stripe days are behind me. It's a lot of work but so worth it in the end!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

ana' said...

It looks fabulous so far! Can't wait to see the rest of it :)