Monday, March 17, 2014

beach bound

I know I have been obsessively posting on fashion the last couple of weeks instead of furniture and interiors, but many times where my closet goes, my interiors follow. For a while now my closet has been transitioning from jewel tones to nudes, grays, black and white. Now my entire cottage is in pale neutrals with hits of black.

For the summer and especially for my mama's birthday trip to Monaco and Barcelona this July, I am really craving these pieces. Metallic blush and nude, soft suede fringe and dress, pale and tactile. My bedroom redesign is following with cream and white with shiny brass accents!

Anthropologie cuff

H&M Fringe Suede Clutch

Anthropologie Suede Sheath

Triangl Metallic Bikini
I also hope to get a great underwater or beach shot on this vacay to blow up huge like this gorgeous shot:

Hope you are having a great week!

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