Tuesday, February 25, 2014

custom designed dining table

Oh my gosh, I am thrilled to show you my custom-designed dining table. If I ever get a furniture line going, this will be the first piece I take to market. I designed this table based on a vintage piece:

But I wanted mine to have six sides instead of eight, and to be in solid cerused oak. I had the most wonderful artisan make it for me, and it is on its way to my house now! Here is a pic of my finished table:

I can't release any other photos or info because I hope to have it published and put the table into production, but I am so excited I couldn't help myself! What do you think?


Laura Michaels said...

I love the shape of the table and the cerused oak finish I think it would be a great table to produce Email me prices and dimensions if you do decide to manufacturer it

Heather Peterson said...


Leah said...

i've always loved that pic (domino?) and the table you created is beautiful!

Melissa Blain said...

That is how to take vintage and make it better! Lovely.