Thursday, August 15, 2013

location, location, location

Isn't location everything in real estate? I am so thrilled with my cottage and where it is located. It is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood - so private and safe. You would not even know it was there if you were not looking for it, since it is sandwiched behind the main house and an apartment complex for older residents. Across the street and up a few blocks is a quaint shopping street with cafes and antique stores, and there is an awesome farmer's market on fridays. It is literally five minutes from my best friend, and a shopping center with a Target and other stores, and I can easily get on the interstate and get around. I love to go for long walks in the evening, and the neighborhood is so hilly I get an awesome workout. I think I will stay here for as long as I am in San Diego - it is the perfect place for me!

You can barely see the cottage from the street - that's it back center...

When you go up driveway you only see the front house

Visitors must come down side path to cottage

This is my back garden

I put the fox knocker on the side so I wouldn't mess up the door
Nestled in the hills
Great sunsets and views on my walks

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Heather Peterson said...

Amazing. That little house is SO CUTE!!!!