Wednesday, March 28, 2012

art i love: Madeleine Longstreet

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words yesterday. I have so much fun decorating each apartment I live in and it was cool to do this one twice! I have an obsession with Ebay, so almost every stick of furniture I had came from there. I also run a design store, so the Augousti pieces and fine art comes from my own store, Interior Designs, Inc.
Jenn asked about the branch triptych in my bedroom. It is one of the few things that I did not sell when I finished this design (as most of you know, I sell everything as soon I am "done" so I can move on to the next look). However, art is forever. I have been lusting after these branches for six years, and I was finally able to get them.
They are by Madeleine and Robert Longstreet, a mother/son photography team. The photographs are printed on French watercolor paper using the Van Dyke process, so they look like ink. They are signed and numbered limited edition prints. There are small pieces that are much lower in cost, but the Dogwood Branch triptych sells for 14k, Jen. I know - :( bummer! But it's an investment - every single home I ever have will be designed around those branches.
The Longstreets are highly collectible; people like Ralph Lauren have several of their pieces. Here are some images of their work in interiors....Happy hump day!

My bedroom before with Birds in Branches

My bedroom closeup on Dogwood Branch

My store with White Feathers over sofa


jessicaraesommer said...

A- Your store is gorgeous... and B- I love the branches art! So beautiful. The one thing I truly value in live is art. It's meaningful, it sticks with you, It's self expression. I'm an artist and designer myself so I am probably partial!

Come take a peek at my work- I think you'd really enjoy!!!

Love these photos...
Jessica Rae

Katherine @ Antweak said...

I love their work -- they are so serene. Your apartment totally rocks of course. I just wish I had gotten that lucite bench!


I can remember seeing their work at Mrs. Howard's years ago and loving it. Talent.