Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sexy Interiors

I think that there are five key elements for creating a sexy space. An interior may contain one or all of the elements, but these things are a must for me when thinking of a sultry, sensual space in a home.

1. (Above) Simplicity - Just like a fourteen layer outfit is probably not too sexy, the same holds true for interiors. Keep it clean and simple. Not necessarily modern in style, but there is nothing sexy about tons of tchotchkes and pillows and ornaments, overly styled and stuffy collections of dust-catchers everywhere.

2. A surprise - There are lots of black kitchens now, but when Kelly Wearstler did this black kitchen several years ago, it was very surprising...and surprisingly sexy. There is nothing cooler than spontaneity, and a surprising color scheme or unexpected decor choice in your home is very sexy - so follow the beat of your own drum!

3. Curves - I always heard that men like a little meat with their potatoes, i.e. lots of curves - and this is true in interiors as well! Everyone expects each room to be a square box, so a curvy element like this wall is very sexy...and provides you with a secret dark area for trysts...

4. Mood lighting (sparkle) - In design, there are three different types of lighting. Functional, directional, and sparkle. It's this hint of low lighting that we call sparkle that is the sexiest. It says, "I am not here to read, buddy!" It emulates candlelight, and everyone looks better in candlelight...

5. Flesh tones - This Gucci store interior contains several key elements for a sexy interior - the curved wall, the low lighting, plush, soft textures, and the fifth element - flesh tones. From the darkest chocolate to the palest peach, flesh tones always remind me of skin, and that is definitely sexy.

What do you find sexy in interior spaces?

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