Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New life for AD

I know everyone in blogland has remarked on Margaret "Peggy" Russell taking over as editor of Architectural Digest, so I will make this brief. I have never in my entire life paid for an issue of Architectural Digest. I find this absurd, because I am passionate about all things design. The reason is because this magazine managed to make my passion boring. The straight ahead photography, goopy, collections-heavy styling, and repeat of the same designers and architectural styles made each issue a carbon copy of the last. I really hope that Margaret makes this magazine fresh and great again, because we need another shelter magazine to look at besides Elle Decor! I know that everything is going digital but there are tons of new designers and architects out there who deserve to be published. Good luck to Margaret - I have my fingers crossed!
P.S. For your daily design fix, don't forget to DVR the Nate Berkus show, starting in September!

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Melissa Shelton said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE! Im excited for this change and a new direction for AD!