Wednesday, March 6, 2013

all in the family

You guys have seen all the work I have been doing for my sis in Birmingham - now it is time for my mom to get in on the act. She has been a supporter of the arts all her life, and is a serious collector. She had an antiques store at one point, and absolutely loves early American furniture and art - shaker pieces, quilts, Choctaw baskets, etc.. are all over her house. She also has tons of heavy oriental rugs and English antiques. So when the interior of her house was beige and green, it seemed cluttered and dark to me...

ooh contractor fixtures...

dark and cluttered

beautiful floors were not allowed to shine
collections spilling out

I have no words
So just the mere act of painting the ENTIRE interior of her whole house a sparkling super white has changed her life dramatically! All the walls, moldings, fireplace, shelves, shutters, kitchen cabinets, EVERYTHING went white. She is loving how clean everything feels, and the house seems much bigger! We are clearing out all clutter, doing completely new rugs and upholstery, and she is having her craftsmen friends make her new tables and light fixtures. I am thinking antiques and beautiful art popping off gallery white walls, like Daryl Carter's interiors.

new white paint next to old green on left - crazy difference!

Check out this new entry pendant, based on the famous Herve Van der Straeten bronze one that I have always lusted after:

Of course there won't be so many shadows when she lowers the wattage on the bulbs. I cannot wait to finish this complete overhaul. My entire extended family comes here to celebrate the holidays and they won't recognize this house! Will keep you updated on changes as they occur...


Elyse | Peonies and Brass said...

oh that light fixture is just incredible!

Anonymous said...

The white immediately updated the entire room.
Can't wait to see how it all comes together.
No wonder you became a designer...your mama has some fantastic things.

The Cuban In My Coffee said...

I'm lvimg this pendant. I'd love to know where you found it, I, looking for something similar that wont break the bank for a stair well area. Would you share?

By the way, I love your blog and have stopped by for a few years now. Thanks for sharing.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Whitney! I had the pendant custom made in the style of the famous bronze Herve Van der Straeten one that is around $20k! This one was probably around $2k. If you want to give me the height and diameter you are interested in I can get you a custom quote to have one made...
Call me at 504-289-7411!